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Fix a Leak Week 2012

EPA's fourth annual Fix a Leak Week, March 12 through 18, 2012, featured promotional and educational events across the country and virtual events across the Internet, all focused on encouraging Americans to find and fix household leaks. Fix a Leak Week 2012 also garnered significant media coverage—more than 500 broadcasts, articles, blog posts, and other "hits". WaterSense's first-ever Twitter party, held March 12, found the hashtag #fixaleak trending second in the United States that hour!

Partner Events from Around the World

Delta Faucet Company

For Fix a Leak Week 2012, Delta Faucet Company—in partnership with eight EPA Regional offices, Green Plumbers, United Way, Ronald McDonald House, other WaterSense Partners, and various water utilities and city governments—fixed leaks in low-income households and community facilities in nine cities from coast to coast: Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle. Volunteers replaced leaky toilet flappers and installed WaterSense labeled faucet aerators and showerheads in more than 1,000 units, saving an estimated 7 million gallons of water per year.

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Wanted! Bad FlapperNew Mexico Office of the State Engineer

The New Mexico Office of the State Engineer launched a statewide media campaign featuring a "Bad Flapper" from the 1920s to help residents learn how to fix worn toilet flappers. The campaign included television commercials, "wanted" posters for hardware stores and customer service desks, leak detection kits, and a local Fix a Leak Week website. Local utilities distributed materials and hosted events encouraging leak-fixing in five New Mexico cities featuring Flo, the We're for Water spokesgallon.

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Central Arkansas Water

Central Arkansas Water (CAW) offered free leak repairs for low-income customers identified through billing software, as well as free rain gauges and WaterSense labeled showerheads for customers who stopped by the utility offices. Local Home Depot stores hosted leak-fixing workshops. In partnership with the Arkansas Cooperative Extension service, the utility conducted home sprinkler audits and demonstrations of how to check sprinklers for leaks.

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Public Service Commission of West Virginia

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia organized a two-day event for fourth and fifth graders at Piedmont Elementary School in Charleston, West Virginia, to teach students about saving water. The West Virginia affiliate of American Water demonstrated how a small leak can lead to substantial water waste, and students learned how to be "Leak Detectives" in their own homes. Flo, the WaterSense spokesgallon, attended the event.

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Carry, North Carolina

Throughout March, Cary distributed dye tablets to help residents find silent toilet leaks. A Toilet Training Tutorial of common toilet leaks and tips for repairs was available online and at several community centers, and an interactive water conservation game taught kids about saving water.

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The Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Office

The Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Office partnered with the University of Georgia Office of Sustainability with a "helping hands" approach to fixing leaks. Volunteers from Athens-area churches and faith-based student organizations at University of Georgia-Athens performed water conservation audits at churches, showed residents how to audit homes, and distributed free WaterSense labeled faucet aerators and other water-saving devices.

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Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado

Colorado Springs Utilities celebrated Fix a Leak Week with programs throughout March, including a WaterSense labeled showerhead exchange event, and free WaterSense labeled faucet aerators in exchange for an old showerhead. Fix a Leak Week featured plumbing experts, free dye tabs, and a visit from the utilities' water mascot. A recycled toilet art exhibit in partnership with a local community college highlighted a new toilet recycling program in the area.

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City of Banks, Oregon

The Banks City Council issued a proclamation declaring Fix a Leak Week, and customers received a flyer about Fix a Leak Week in their February water bills. For customers who mentioned the flyer, select plumbers provided the first half hour of labor for free during that week. The city also distributed toothbrushes with WaterSense messages to elementary school students.

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Arizona Toilet Race

The One for Water 4-Miler was the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association's second annual race to beat a running toilet. Leaky Loo McFlapper, the event's life-sized running toilet mascot, reminded participants to find and fix leaks. Following the race, a Family Fun Festival featured leak-fixing demonstrations provided by Lowe's.

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Irving Water Utilities, Texas

Irving Water Utilities has an ongoing leak detection program that reads residential meters to identify leaks. Once a leak is detected, the homeowner can receive a free water audit. The city provides replacement toilet flappers and faucet gaskets at no cost, as well as instructions on how to install these replacements and make minor repairs.

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City of Monroe Water System, Louisiana

The City of Monroe Water System has an ongoing repair program to help low-income residents identify and fix leaks. The water system has installed water meters and used leak detection features on its software to identify household leaks. Interactive workshops during Fix a Leak Week taught residents how to fix dripping faucets, running toilets, and leaking showerheads.

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A Texas Round Up of Events

The City of Laredo Utilities Department kicked off a new WaterSense labeled toilet rebate program during Fix a Leak Week. Qualifying customers receive up to two $100 rebates for replacing old toilets with WaterSense labeled models. The Utilities Department also gave away a free water conservation kit to the first 1,000 customers. Allen, Texas, provided free toilet dye tabs to test for leaks and water efficiency educational materials to area fifth graders. Forney, Texas, celebrated Fix a Leak Week through a proclamation at the City Council meeting, advertising, a Landscape "Surviving the Drought" class, and door hangers for area homes. Dallas promoted the importance of fixing leaks through the Delta Faucet Company event and on the Save Dallas Water website, billboards, radio, and through the Lawn Whisperer campaign.

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