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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

What You Can Do

watersense logoLook for the Label

The WaterSense label will help you identify high-efficiency products, homes and programs. These water efficient options provide the same performance and quality you've come to expect, but with the added benefit of water savings.

WaterSense labeled products are backed by independent third party certification and meet EPA's specifications for water efficiency and performance. So, when you use WaterSense labeled products in your home or business, you can be confident you'll be saving water without sacrifice.

watersense logoStart Saving

Everything from fixing the leaks in your house to changing the watering patterns of your lawn can add up to big water savings. Looking for ways to take water efficiency into your own hands? Start saving today with these helpful tips.

Flow wavingFlo's Kids Zone!

Kids aren't just the leaders of tomorrow, they're the dreamers and do-ers of today. "Test Your WaterSense" and try other fun activities at Flo's Kids Zone!

Connect with WaterSenseConnect with WaterSense

Ready to join the movement to encourage a long-term water efficiency ethic in your community, on your website or elsewhere? Connect with WaterSense! Our popular widgets, public service announcements, and social media efforts on Twitter and Facebook can help you spread the water savings message.

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