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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

Draft Specification for Spray Sprinkler Bodies

On November 17, 2016, EPA released its WaterSense Draft Specification for Spray Sprinkler Bodies. For more information, please review the documents below.

In addition, EPA is sharing its draft product notification template for spray sprinkler bodies. When EPA releases a final specification for spray sprinkler bodies, licensed certifying bodies will be required to submit information directly to EPA regarding WaterSense labeled products that have been successfully certified using this template:

EPA held a public meeting via webinar on January 18, 2017. The presentation from that meeting is available for review. In addition, a report detailing the methodology and results of our product performance testing is also available. A meeting summary and public comment compilation will be posted in spring 2017.

Please note that the comment period has been extended until February 17, 2017. All interested parties are welcome to comment on the proposed requirements in the draft specification, as well as the product notification template. Please send any comments or suggestions to watersense-products@erg.com. Please review the instructions in the cover letter (2 pg, 207K, About PDF) if you are submitting any data that needs to be handled as confidential business information (CBI). All comments, except data claimed as CBI, become a part of the public record.

To facilitate the consistency and usefulness of comments received, please submit your comments using the Template for Public Comment Submission (DOC) (53K). You can either download and save this document template and directly insert your comments, or attach your comments in your own document, provided that you clearly reference the text/section in question, your recommended changes, and why you think these changes are needed.

EPA held an informal information session at the Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 7, 2016. EPA also presented a technical paper on the development of a test method for spray sprinkler bodies and shared the results of performance testing. View the presentation (PPT) (24 pg, 2.1MB, About PDF).

Notice of Intent for Landscape Irrigation Sprinklers

In July 2014, EPA issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) (PDF) (11 pg, 321K, About PDF) to develop a specification for landscape irrigation sprinklers. The NOI outlined the performance criteria WaterSense proposed for both high-efficiency nozzles and pressure-regulating sprinkler bodies, and identified issues that still need to be resolved.

WaterSense solicited public comment on the NOI, analyzed the public comments, conducted additional research, determined a path forward for this product category, and briefed stakeholders on the developments.

As of November 2015, WaterSense moved forward with developing a draft specification for pressure-regulating sprinkler bodies but put developing a specification for high-efficiency nozzles on hold. If you have questions on these decisions or on information included in the documents listed above, please contact us at watersense-products@erg.com.

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