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Private Labeling Procedures

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors commonly acquire products produced by another manufacturer with the intent of rebranding and selling the products as their own. This practice is known as private labeling.

WaterSense has established simple procedures for private labeling products that do not require product recertification or independent listing with a licensed certifying body. Simply make sure you have completed all of the requirements below, and remember that proper use of the WaterSense label (PDF) (10 pp, 367K, About PDF) is your responsibility!

  1. Review the WaterSense Product Certification System.
  2. Become a WaterSense manufacturer partner or a retailer/distributor partner.
  3. Make sure that the product has been certified by a licensed certifying body to meet the WaterSense specification using either of the methods described below:
    • If you do not control the product design and specifications, contact the original manufacturer to have it include your products on its WaterSense certification listing with the licensed certifying body. The listing must include the brand name and model numbers that you will use to identify and sell the labeled product.
    • If you control the product design and specifications and can maintain responsibility for the product's certification, you may open your own WaterSense certification listing with a licensed certifying body directly.
  4. After the product has been certified, obtain the WaterSense label from the original manufacturer or the licensed certifying body. Use the label in accordance with the WaterSense Program Mark Guidelines (PDF) (10 pg, 367K, About PDF).
  5. Work with the licensed certifying body to get your privately labeled products listed correctly on the Product Search Tool.

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