Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

TRI.NET Frequent Questions

  1. The TRI.NET installer says that I need Microsoft .NET Framework - what do I do?
    This will occur if Windows does not have the Microsoft .NET Framework Exit installed. Download .NET Framework 2.0 and install it. Note: later versions of .NET will also work. After installing .NET run the TRI.NET installer again.
  2. I installed "For Everyone" and the application won't start - why?
    This will occur if you do not have Admin rights. In this case, the application should be installed for "Just me." Uninstall the application and reinstall for "Just me." After installation the application should run.
  3. How do I get TRI data?
    You already have the latest year of TRI data; the application comes with it. To get additional years of data, use the Auto-Updater. See Download Application for more information. Once the data is installed, it will be available to the application from the Data pull-down.
  4. How do I use the application?
    To get up to speed quickly, read through the Quick Start. For detailed instructions on how to use each feature of TRI.NET, see the User's Guide. For step-by-step, illustrated examples of analyses conducted using TRI.NET, see the Tutorial.
  5. How do I update the TRI data?
    The software uses an Auto-Update feature to deploy data updates. To initiate updates, select "Get Data" from the Data menu. The software will then check the Web for updates. If new data is available, an update wizard will be started that will enable you install the latest versions of TRI data. See Download Application for more information on the Auto-Updater.
  6. How do I email a Map created with TRI.Net?
    All maps are stored in a folder named temp under the TRI.Net folder. Google Maps are prefixed by gMap_, Google Earth kml maps are prefixed by geMap_, and Virtual Earth maps are prefixed by veMap_. When the map is displayed in the browser you can see the map name in the URL address bar. You can attach a map file to your email, or do a Print Screen and paste the image into your email.
  7. I get the message, "I'm sorry the Host is unavailable."
    This may occur if your Internet connection has been lost, or if the Auto-Updater has failed to terminate after your last update. To check for this last condition start the task manager and look for updater.exe as an active process. If it is still running, use task manager to end the process. Once this has been completed, the Auto-Updater will run and you will not get the "Host unavailable" message.
  8. How should I cite TRI.NET in papers and publications?
    TRI.NET [Internet]. Washington (DC): Environmental Protection Agency (US), Office of Environmental Information. 2010 - [modified 12/12/2011, cited {date used}]. Available from: