America's Children and the Environment (ACE)

Basic Information about ACE

America's Children and the Environment (ACE) is EPA's report presenting data on children's environmental health. ACE brings together information from a variety of sources to provide national indicators and related information on the environment and children's health. The main purposes of ACE are to:

  • Compile data from a variety of sources to present concrete, quantifiable indicators for key factors relevant to the environment and children's health in the United States;
  • Inform discussions among policymakers and the public about how to improve data on children's health and the environment; and
  • Help policymakers and the public track trends in children's environmental health and ultimately to help identify and evaluate ways to minimize environmental impacts on children.

EPA's first report, America's Children and the Environment: A First View of Available Measures, published in December 2000, presented the results of EPA's initial effort to collect and analyze existing, readily available data on measures relevant to children's health and the environment.

The second report, published in February 2003, improved on the first edition by adding new measures for important contaminants, exposures, and childhood illnesses and including data for additional years. The report also included more analysis of these measures by race/ethnicity of children and family income.

The third and most current report, published in January 2013, includes extensive revisions and updates to topics included in the previous editions as well as several new topics of importance to children's environmental health.

This website presents the most recent data and analyses prepared by EPA, including updates to indicators in the published reports.

 In October 2015, EPA posted updates to indicators under the following topics:

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