Lead Poisoning Prevention Week - 2016

October 23-29, 2016

LPPW 2015 IconNational Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

The National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week theme, "Lead-Free Kids for a Healthy Future," focuses on the many ways parents can reduce a child's exposure to lead and prevent its serious health effects. EPA, along with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), promote educational activities during the week, and this year we've added a focus on lead in drinking water.

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Other Resources

Other federal agencies, such as CDC and HUD, also conduct various education and awareness events during Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. To learn about lead and how to protect your family, contact the National Lead Information Center at 1 (800) 424-LEAD (5323) or visit epa.gov/lead.

To learn about lead in drinking water visit EPA's Ground Water and Drinking Water page for more information.