Computational Toxicology Communities of Practice

EPA's Computational Toxicology Communities of Practice is composed of hundreds of stakeholders from over 50 public and private sector organizations (ranging from EPA, other federal agencies, industry, academic institutions, professional societies, nongovernmental organizations, environmental non-profit groups, state environmental agencies and more) who have an interest in using advances in computational toxicology and exposure science to evaluate the safety of chemicals.

The Communities of Practice is open to the public. Monthly webinars are held at EPA's RTP campus, on the fourth Thursday of the month (occasionally rescheduled in November and December to accommodate holiday schedules), from 11am-Noon EST/EDT. Remote participation is available. For more information or to be added to the meeting email list, contact: Monica Linnenbrink (

Past Webinar Presentations

Presentation File Presented By Date
Richard Judson, EPA's National Center for Computational Toxicology (NCCT) 2016/11/17
Evaluating the Zebrafish Embryo Toxicity Test for Pesticide Hazard Screening (Video) Scott Glaberman, Assitant Professor, Department of Biology, University of South Alabama
Stephanie Padilla, Branch Chief and Senior Scientist, Genetics and Cellular Toxicology Branch, Integrated Toxicology Division
Food-Use Chemicals in ToxCast: Identification, Curation, and Evaluation(25 pp, 1 MB)  (Video) Agnes Karmaus, Integrated Laboratory Systems Inc. Contractor supporting the NTP Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods (NICEATM) 2016/9/22
Adverse Outcome Pathway Knowledge Base(57 pp, 6 MB)  (Video) Stephen Edwards, EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL) 2016/8/25
Non-Targeted Screening Research(48 pp, 25 MB)  (Video) Jon Sobus, EPA's National Exposure Research Laboratory 2016/7/28
An Introduction to the iCSS Chemistry Dashboard (Video) Antony Williams and Kamel Mansouri, EPA’s National Center for Computational Toxicology 2016/5/26
Using MEAs to screen chemicals for potential neurotoxicity and developmental neurotoxicity (Video) Timothy Shafer, EPA’s National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory 2016/4/28
ToxCast Profiling in a Human Stem Cell Assay for Developmental Toxicity Tom Knudsen, National Center for Computational Toxicology 2016/3/24
Analysis of High-throughput screening data from Amplex UltraRed (AUR) Thyroperoxidase (TPO) assays Katie Paul Friedman, Bayer Crop Science Toxicologist & Eric Watt, ORISE Postdoc Fellow for US EPA National Center for Computational Toxicology 2016/2/25
High-throughput screening of chemical effects on steroidogenesis using H295R cells and demonstration of how to find the data using the iCSS Dashboard Agnes L. Karmaus, Ph.D. ORISE Postdoctoral Research Fellow for NCCT 2016/1/28
The High-Throughput Toxicokinetic (HTTK) R package (Video) John Wambaugh, Ph.D., EPA, National Center for Computational Toxicology 2015/12/10
Toxicological tipping points- distinguishing between adaptive responses and those that result in adverse health and environmental outcomes (Video) Imran Shah, Ph.D., EPA, National Center for Computational Toxicology 2015/11/12
Mechanisms of acute toxicity and using ToxCast data to predict acute toxicity(72 pp, 14 MB)  (Video) Daniel Wilson, Ph.D., DABT, Science Leader at Toxicology and Environmental Research and Consulting, The Dow Chemical Company 2015/10/22
Overview of the Collaborative Estrogen Receptor Activity Prediction Project (CERAPP) Kamel Mansouri, PhD, ORISE Post-Doc at US EPA 2015/09/24
Overview and Demo of the New iCSS Dashboard (Video) Matt Martin, PhD, US EPA ORD, NCCT 2015/08/24
Introducing a budding consortium focused on using alternative species for chemicals testing (Video) John Colbourne, Ph.D., from the University of Birmingham 2015/07/23
A Systems Biology Approach to Environmental Biology  (also view Video) Philipp Antczak, Ph.D. University of Liverpool 2015/06/25
Using the Library of Integrated Network-Based Cellular Signatures (LINCS) to Characterize the Mechanism of Action of Small-Molecule Therapeutics  (also view Video) Aravind Subramanian, Ph.D. The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard 2015/05/28
An overview of EPA’s Endocrine Disruption Screening Program’s plans for using biological activity data identified through high-throughput screening combined with high-throughput exposure estimates to prioritize chemicals for estrogen-related activity  (also view Video) Patience Brown, presenting for David Dix, EPA 2015/04/23
EPA’s Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting Participation Monica Linnenbrink, Christina Baghdikian, and Intaek Hahn, EPA 2015/03/19
Exploring the Potential Utility of High-throughput Bioassays Associated with U.S. EPA ToxCast Program for Effects-based Monitoring and Surveillance  (also view Video) Anthony Schroeder, Postdoctoral Associate, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, EPA 2015/01/22
Highlights of the New ToxCast Data Pipeline Filer, Dayne ORISE Fellow and Richard Judson PhD, US EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD), National Center for Computational Toxicology (NCCT) 2014/12/11
Updates about EPA’s High-Throughput Exposure Prediction Research (ExpoCast) Project  (also view Video) Wambaugh, John, PhD, US EPA ORD, NCCT 2014/11/20
Bioactivity profiling using primary human cell systems in support of predictive toxicology (also view Video) Houck, Keith, PhD, US EPA ORD, NCCT 2014/10/23
An Interspecies Comparison of Toxicity Pathways Mediating Neurodevelopmental Toxicity in Neurospheres - and Novel Computational Approaches for High Content Image Analyses (HCA) (also view Video) Fritsche, Ellen, M.D. from IUF - Leibniz Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Germany 2014/09/25
Functional Substitution: Advancing Safer Alternatives Through Use-Based Thinking (also view Video) Tickner, Joel, PhD, University of Massachusetts Lowell Department of Community Health and Sustainability 2014/07/31
In Vitro Screening For Inter-Individual and Population Vulnerability in Pesticide Mixtures Abdo, Nour, DVM, MPH, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, UNC Chapel Hill 2014/06/26
Developmental Toxicity of Phase I and II ToxCast™ Chemicals to Worms and Fish Boyd, Windy, PhD, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) 2014/05/22
Strynar, Mark, PhD, EPA, ORD, National Exposure Research Laboratory (NERL) and Shuang Liang, EPA, ORD, NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC 2014/04/24
RASL-Seq: A Gene Expression Platform to Identify Toxicity Mechanisms and Adaptive Responses (also view Video) Gerhold, David, PhD, National Institutes of Health (NIH), NCATS 2014/03/20
ToxCast: Chemical List(s), Chemical Space, and Chemotype Information (also view Video) Richard, Ann, PhD, US EPA/ORD/NCCT, Research Triangle Park, NC 2014/02/27
Exploring consumer exposure pathways and patterns of use for chemicals in the environment through the Chemical/Product Categories Database (CPCat) (also view Video . Dionisio, Kathie, Sc.D., US EPA, ORD NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC 2014/01/23
Mathematically Simplifying PBPK Mixture Systems LeFew, William, PhD, US EPA, ORD, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL)/ISTD, Research Triangle Park, NC 2013/11/21
Incorporating Population Variability and Sensitive Subpopulations into Dosimetry for High-Throughput Toxicity Testing Wetmore, Barbara , PhD, from the Hamner Institute 2013/10/21
Adverse Outcome Pathway Wiki Edwards, Stephen, US EPA, Research Triangle Park, NC 2013/09/26
A Computational Tool for Defining Conservation of Molecular Initiating Events Across Species LaLone, Carlie, PhD, US EPA, Duluth, MN 2013/08/22
Cheminformatics and Toxicogenomics for Toxicology Prediction and Mechanistic Insight (also view Video or listen to Audio - For audio, at the prompt, enter your name and email address, choose your player and click to listen) Daston, George, Research Fellow at Proctor & Gamble 2013/07/25
High Throughput Heuristics Can Forecast Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals Wambaugh, John, PhD, US EPA, ORD, NCCT, Research Triangle Park, NC 2013/06/27
Profiling 976 ToxCast Chemicals Across 331 Enzymatic and Receptor Signaling Assays Sipes, Nisha, PhD, US EPA, ORD, NCCT, Research Triangle Park, NC 2013/05/23
T3DB - The Toxin, Toxin-Target Database Wishart, David, PhD, University of Alberta,Edmonton, AB, Canada 2013/04/25
CSS Dashboard Martin, Matthew, PhD, US EPA, ORD, NCCT, Research Triangle Park, NC 2013/03/28
High-Resolution Metabolomics for Environmental Chemical Surveillance and Bioeffect Monitoring Jones, Dean, PhD, Department of Medicine, Emory University 2013/02/28
Application of Computational Toxicology to Prospective and Diagnostic Ecological Risk Assessment Villeneuve, Dan, PhD, Research Toxicologist, US EPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division 2013/01/24
Translating Airway Gene Expression into Biomarkers for Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Lung Cancer Detection Spira, Avrum, M.D., M.Sc., Boston University Medical Center 2012/12/13
Toxicity Screening using Zebrafish Embryos: Form and Function Padilla, Stephanie, PhD, US EPA, ORD, NHEERL 2012/09/27
Quantitative High Throughput Models for Exposure-Based Chemical Prioritization Wambaugh, John, PhD, US EPA, ORD, NCCT,Research Triangle Park, NC 2012/08/23
A freely-available, graphical user interface for ToxPi (Toxicological Prioritization Index) Rusyn, Ivan, MD, PhD, University of North Carolina and David Reif, PhD, US EPA, ORD, NCCT 2012/07/26
State of the Art High-Throughput Approaches to Genotoxicity: Flow Micronucleus, Ames II, GreenScreen and Comet Aardema, Marilyn J., PhD, Chief Scientific Advisor, Toxicology, Leon Stankowski, PhD, Principal Scientist/Program Consultant, and Kamala Pant, Principal Scientist, BioReliance 2012/06/28
Development and Application of In Vitro Models for Screening Drugs and Environmental Chemicals that Predict Toxicity in Animals and Humans McKim, James , PhD, DABT, Founder and Chief Science Officer, CeeTox 2012/05/25
Discovering Environmental Causes of Disease: From Exposure Biology to the Exposome Rappaport, Stephen M., PhD, University of California, Berkeley 2012/04/26
The Texas-Indiana Virtual STAR Center: Zebrafish Models for Developmental Toxicity Screening Bolin, Maria Bondesson, PhD, University of Houston, Center for Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling 2012/03/22
Predictive Hepatic Model Systems from Life Technologies: Strateties in Toxicology & Screening Ferguson, Stephen, Life Technologies 2012/01/26
Targeted Testing in Tox21 DeVito, Michael, PhD, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences 2011/12/25
Vala Sciences Inc: Providing Innovative Strategies for High Content Imaging and Analysis McDonough, Patrick M., PhD/VP of Biological Sciences, Vala Sciences Inc, 2011/11/17
An Interactive Web Application for ToxPi Reif, David M., PhD, US EPA, ORD, NCCT 2012/10/27
ExpoCastDB: A Publicly Accessible Database for Observational Exposure Data Sumit Gangwal, PhD, US EPA, ORD, NCCT 2011/09/22
Computational Toxicology and Prenatal Development Knudsen, Thomas B., PhD, EPA, ORD, NCCT 2011/08/25
Computational Toxicology and High-Throughput Risk Assessment Judson, Richard, US EPA, ORD, NCCT 2011/07/28
Advancing the Next Generation of Risk Assessment Cote, Ila, US EPA, ORD, NCCT 2011/06/23
Predictive Model of Reproductive Toxicity Using ToxCast High Throughput Screening Martin, Matt, US EPA, ORD 2011/05/26
EPA's Computational Toxicology Communities of Practice Series: Using Life Cycle Assessment for Risk Management Curran, Mary Ann, US EPA, ORD 2011/04/28
NTP Workshop: Role of Environmental Chemicals in the Development of Diabetes and Obesity Thayer, Kris, NIEHS/NTP 2011/03/24
Chemical Safety for Sustainability: EPA Research to Meet 21st-Century Needs Morris, Jeff, US EPA 2011/02/24
Experiencing REACH Exposure Assessments Lander, Debbie, E.I, DuPont de Nemours and Company 2011/01/27
Overview of ToxCast Phase II Chemicals Richard, Ann, US EPA 2010/12/16
Toxicant Analysis via High-content Screening of Cellular Circuits Westwick, John, Odyssey Thera 2010/11/18
Chemical Screening Visualization Tool: Resource for Rapid Chemical Assessment Chen, Mario, Dupont 2010/10/28
Comprehensive Exposure Narrative McKoneTom, University of California Los Angeles School of Public Health 2010/09/21

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