Radiation Protection

Subpart B: National Emission Standards for Radon Emissions From Underground Uranium Mines

Rule Summary

Subpart B protects the public and the environment from the radon-222 emissions to ambient airHelpambient airThe air that surrounds us from underground uranium mines. It sets a limit on the emission of radon-222 that ensures that no member of the public in any year receives an effective doseHelpeffective doseThe amount of radiation absorbed by an object or person, adjusted to account for the type of radiation received and the effect on particular organs. The unit used for effective dose is rem (U.S. unit) or sievert (Sv, the international unit). equivalent of more than 10 mrem/year.

Owners/operators of each mine must calculate the effective dose equivalent to any member of the public and report this information to EPA annually.


All sampling done during data collection must follow EPA-approved procedures. The computer model COMPLY-R is approved for calculating effective dose equivalents and EPA may approve other procedures with advanced notice. (Please note that COMPLY-R is a version of COMPLY that includes radon gas emissions. COMPLY does NOT include radon emissions and should not be used for Subpart B calculations.)

Download COMPLY-R(1 pg, 73 K)
View the COMPLY-R User's Guide: Revision 1.

All facilities subject to any NESHAP must meet 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart A: General Provisions