Ports Initiative

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National Port Strategy Assessment Webinars Held 

$978K Clean Diesel Grant Awarded to Port of Baltimore

EPA Awards $2.8M to Ports in the Pacific Southwest

$1.6M in DERA Grants Awarded for Ports Projects in CT and MA

Announcing Selection of Capacity Building Pilot Project Locations

♦ NE Diesel Collabortive Hosts - Clean Corridors MeetingExit

Air Pollution at Our Nation's Ports Can Be Reduced Now

♦ EPA Releases National Assessment of Strategies to Reduce Air Pollution at Ports

Workgroup Ports Program Recommendations Report Submitted to EPA

FAQs for Beneficiaries to the VW Mitigation Trust Agreement

Nation's Largest Voluntary Port Mitigation Fund Approved Exit

EPA Partners with Port Everglades to Improve Environmental Performance

About the Ports Initiative

The Ports Program is an EPA initiative with goals to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases, to achieve environmental sustainability for ports, and improve air quality for near-port communities.  EPA received recommendations and input from the MSTRS, CAAAC, and others to guide the development of the program.

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