EnviroAtlas Disclaimer

EnviroAtlas is an interactive web-based decision support tool designed to provide information about ecosystems and the benefits people receive from those ecosystems. This application represents the first peer-reviewed public release. EnviroAtlas will continue to evolve over the coming years with periodic public releases. We welcome and request your feedback on all aspects of the website and tools.

EnviroAtlas is designed for use by government, professional, academic, and community users, as well as members of the public. EnviroAtlas does not require special software, technical expertise, or a scientific background. However, it is the responsibility of the user to read and evaluate dataset limitations, restrictions, and intended use. To the best of our knowledge, the data and information on this website are accurate, but no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the accuracy or utility of the data for general or scientific purposes, nor shall the act of distribution constitute any such warranty. All modeled geographic data are, by their nature, imperfect and the data provided in this Atlas should not be taken as absolute truth but as the best approximation of that truth based on best available data. For site-specific data, EnviroAtlas data will not replace "boots-on-the-ground measurements" or local knowledge. Neither EPA, EPA contractors, nor any other organizations cooperating with EPA assume any responsibility for damages or other liabilities related to the accuracy, availability, use, or misuse of the information provided on this website. EPA reserves the right to change information at any time without public notice. Any errors or omissions should be reported to the EnviroAtlas Team.