ATtILA Toolbox

Analytical Tools Interface for Landscape Assessments (ATtILA)

ATtILA is an easy to use Esri ArcGIS toolbox created by EPA that calculates many commonly used landscape metrics. It accepts data from a broad range of sources and is equally suitable across all landscapes, from deserts to rain forests to urban areas.

Seattle landscape at sunset

Three Metric Groups are Included in the Toolbox: 

  1. Landscape characteristics: related to land cover proportions and patch metrics (e.g. percent forest cover or number and size of forest patches)
  2. Riparian characteristics: describe land cover adjacent to and near streams (e.g. percent of crop land within 30 meters of streams)
  3. Human stressors: concern population, roads, and land use practices (e.g. population change or road/stream crossings)

Once Metrics Have Been Calculated, Three Types of Display Outputs are Available:

  1. Displays areas ranked by individual metric values
  2. Ranks areas by a weighted index made up of two or more metrics
  3. Displays a bar chart of selected areas and metrics

Download the Toolbox

ATtILA for ArcGIS requires ArcGIS 10.0, service pack 4 or later and the Spatial Analyst extension. ATtILA for ArcGIS has not yet been tested on ArcGIS 10.1 or later versions. 

ATtILA Toolbox (ZIP)(12 MB, May 2016)