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an image link to reading: -  Your Voice in Federal serves as EPA’s electronic public docket system. The EPA posts publicly available documents associated with regulatory dockets, as well as non-regulatory material to The public may search, view and comment on those materials. provides one-stop access to rules and non-rules published by 176 federal agencies, including the EPA. 

The EPA strongly encourages the public to use as the primary comment platform. Nearly all docket material can be accessed through

Accessible on
(depending on availability)
Not Accessible on
  • Federal Register notices
  • Proposed and Final Rules
  • Information Collection Requests
  • Scientific, technical, and economic analyses
  • Reports
  • Studies
  • Hearing transcripts
  • Public comments1
  • Pre-digital dockets
  • Copyright-protected materials2
  • Oversize items
  • Large data sets/databases
  • Confidential Business Information
  • Information whose disclosure is restricted by statute

Please contact the EPA Docket Center to get more information about how these materials may be viewed.

1 Does not pertain to comments deemed inappropriate or duplicate. See Rules and Restrictions for more details. 
Those provided without express written permission of the copyright holder.

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Guide to Accessing Docket Materials on

  1. To access docket materials on, type the docket or document ID into the search bar. Try the “Advanced Search” option to conduct a more refined search.

    Docket ID entered in search bar
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  2. Your search will provide a list of documents. If you were looking for a document, click the title to open it. To view the full docket, click “Open Docket Folder” to see all materials associated with that docket. 

    Open Docket folder button on materials webpage

  3. Inside the docket you will find all relevant associated materials.

    List of docket materials
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  4. If public comments are accepted, there will be a “Comment Now” button. Click it to access the comment form. 

    arrow pointing to Comment Now button
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  5. Now you are ready to comment! See tips on effective commenting.

    webpage with comment form field
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