Title V Evaluations in Region 6

Region 6 performs Title V program evaluations of the region’s permitting authorities. The purpose of the program evaluation is to identify good practices implemented by the state/local agency, areas needing improvement within the state/local program, and ways in which EPA can improve its own oversight role. Region 6 will publish on this page title V program evaluations completed after January 1, 2014.  Program evaluations completed prior to 2014 are available upon request.

  • Final Evaluation for Arkansas
  • Final Evaluation for Louisiana
  • Final Evaluation for Oklahoma
  • Final Evaluation for Texas
  • Final Evaluation for New Mexico
  • Final Evaluation for Albuquerque

Contact Information for Region 6 Air Permitting

  • Section Chief - Jeff Robinson
    Phone (214) 665-6435
    FAX: (214) 665-7263