Benchmark Dose Software

About the Quick Start Guide for Benchmark Dose Software (BMDS) and BMDS Wizard

These pages contain the essential information you need to begin running and productively using EPA’s Benchmark Dose Software (BMDS) and ICF International'sExit BMDS WizardExit applications to facilitate a benchmark dose (BMDHelpBMDAn exposure due to a dose of a substance associated with a specified low incidence of risk, generally in the range of 1% to 10%, of a health effect; or the dose associated with a specified measure or change of a biological effect.) analysis.

This Quick Start Guide is not a comprehensive user guide. Its primary goal is to walk you through exercises that teach you the mechanics of loading data into the programs, specifying options or parameters, running the models, and then viewing and assessing the results.

Each product’s user guide will have more details that are beyond the scope of this Quick Start. For that reason, the Quick Start will refer you at certain points to other resources, such as the BMDS User Manual (located in the BMDS application folder), BMDS Wizard User's Reference Guide (included with the BMDS Wizard), BMDS online training videos, or the BMD Technical Guidance.

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