Watershed Index Online

WSIO Tools, Data and User Assistance

This is the section of the WSIO website where users can:

WSIO Tool: Click on the button below to start creating your custom-built WSIO Tool for a specific geographic area. Once the Tool is downloaded, the user defines the geographic extent of the project area, selects and assigns weights to indicators from the database, and saves their custom WSIO Tool for offline use.

Download  WSIO Tool

Note: The WSIO tool is a Microsoft Excel workbook that uses the Esri Maps for Office plug-in. To use the map sheet users must have Excel 2013, Esri Maps for Office version 2.1.4 Exit, and an ArcGIS Online or Geoplatform account.

Pre-Made Statewide Tools: Users who lack the WSIO Tool’s ESRI license and Excel version requirements can download and use these statewide Recovery Potential Screening Tools, which perform nearly all of the same functions. These Tools work in Excel 2007 or above, do not link to ESRI Maps Online, and are pre-loaded with data on over 200 indicators from the WSIO data library.

Download RPS State Tools

WSIO Data and Metadata Download: The recommended route to obtaining data from WSIO is through creating and downloading a custom WSIO Tool. At the downloads page, users can open the WSIO indicator library metadata file and review indicator types and descriptions, which can be a useful planning step before creating the Tool.

    Data and Metadata Download

WSIO User Manual: Detailed guidance on all functions of the WSIO Tool is available in this downloadable document. Users should review this document before and during online WSIO Tool use.

    WSIO User manual