Watershed Index Online

What You Can Do

WSIO is an interactive website that helps technical users analyze and compare watersheds in order to answer environmental questions about watersheds and water quality issues, aid decisions, and help plan environmental management strategies.  Depending on your specific interests and abilities, you may wish to do the following at WSIO:

  • Learn about WSIO and why it has been developed by visiting the Learn About WSIO page for general information and the What EPA is Doing page for the specifics.
  • Study the WSIO watershed indicators and what they mean. Find indicator-specific definitions and metadata in the WSIO Metadata Download.
  • Learn to use the WSIO Tool hands-on if you are technically inclined, or by reading the WSIO User Manual if you prefer to study a method first.
  • Create a watershed index project for a specific geographic area by using the WSIO Tool to select your own area, indicators, and save a custom-made tool for later use offline;
  • Download a watershed tool for your whole state -- select your state from the Statewide Tools Download page
  • Do some comparative watershed screenings using either a statewide or custom-made tool;  select indicators from your custom-made tool, run screenings, make map, graph and table products;
  • Use your findings – read the WSIO User Manual to find out how to compare watershed results, think about how they help your plans and decisions, or just serve your curiosity about watershed differences; 
  • Provide feedback on anything about WSIO, if you Contact Us --please tell us about your uses of WSIO and your impressions or suggestions.