Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

How to Evaluate Alternative Cleanup Technologies for Underground Storage Tank Sites: A Guide for Corrective Action Plan Reviewers

(EPA 510-B-94-003; EPA 510-B-95-007; EPA 510-R-04-002; and EPA 510-B-16-005)

NOTE: QA documents referred to in some of the following chapters may be outdated. Visit The EPA Quality System web site for the latest version of EPA's QA documents.

The original guide, developed in 1994, addressed eight alternative technologies:

Soil Vapor Extraction
Air Sparging
Low Temperature Thermal Desorption
Natural Attenuation

EPA updated the guide several times:

1995 (EPA 510-B-95-007)
Dual Phase Extraction
In situ Groundwater Bioremediation
Introduction and Glossary – revision

2004 (EPA 510-R-04-002)
Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation
Chemical Oxidation
Monitored Natural Attenuation – revision
Introduction – revision

2016 (EPA 510-B-16-005)
Enhanced Anaerobic Oxidative Bioremediation
Introduction and Glossary – revision

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