Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program

2013 TRI National Analysis: Petroleum Refining

Section 4: Petroleum Refining

Petroleum Refineries reporting to TRI in 2013
Petroleum Refineries reporting to TRI in 2013

Petroleum refineries process crude oil and natural gas liquids to produce finished petroleum products. The primary products of the industry fall into three major categories: fuels (e.g., gasoline, kerosene); finished non-fuel products (e.g., solvents, asphalt); and petrochemical feedstocks (e.g., benzene, xylene). While there are only 151 facilities in this sector (0.7% of all facilities), they report almost 7% of production-related waste managed. Refineries are primarily concentrated near oil fields and ports, with the majority being along the Gulf Coast and in the Midwestern states.


This page was published in January 2015 and uses the 2013 TRI National Analysis dataset made public in TRI Explorer in October 2014.