Title V Operating Permits

EPA Oversight of the Operating Permits Program

EPA Regional Offices – Program and Fee Evaluations for State, Local or Tribal Part 70 Operating Permits Programs

EPA’s Office of Inspector General – Reports on Title V Oversight and/or Implementation

Report: Enhanced EPA Oversight Needed to Address Risks From Declining Clean Air Act Title V Revenues 
October 20, 2014 – The OIG found weaknesses in the EPA's oversight of Title V revenues and expenditures jeopardize program implementation and, in turn, compliance with air regulations for many of the nation's largest sources of air pollution.

Report: Substantial Changes Needed in Implementation and Oversight of Title V Permits If Program Goals Are To Be Fully Realized
March 9, 2005 – The OIG identified concerns with five key aspects of Title V permits, including (1) permit clarity, (2) statements of basis, (3) monitoring provisions, (4) annual compliance certifications, and (5) practical enforceability.

Report: Public Participation in Louisiana’s Air Permitting Program and EPA Oversight
August 7, 2002 – The OIG found that although LDEQ met the public participation requirements for air permitting, its process could be improved.

Report: EPA and State Progress In Issuing Title V Permits
March 29, 2002 – The OIG found that nationwide, as of December 31, 2001, state and local agencies had issued 70 percent (13,036 of 18,709) of the required Title V permits.

EPA’s Evaluation Support Division - Title V Reports

Timely Issuance of Permit Renewals and Significant Permit Modifications under Title V: an Evaluation of the Permit Issuance Process
February 20, 2007 – A review of how the Title V program was working and the ways in which it could be improved. 

Improving EPA’s Performance with Program Evaluation - Evaluation of Implementation Experiences with Innovative Air Permits: Results of the U.S. EPA Flexible Permit Implementation Review
June 2003 – A review of the EPA's experience with implementing flexible permits under title V. 

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