Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP)

Foam Blowing Agents

Foam blowing agents encompass a wide variety of applications including refrigerators, buildings, automobiles, furniture, packaging, and many more. The blowing agent is used to create a cellular structure from liquid plastic resin, and in the case of foam used for insulation it functions as an insulating component of the foam.

End Uses

Rigid Polyurethane: Appliance
Appliance foam includes insulation foam in domestic refrigerators and freezers.

Rigid Polyurethane: Spray
Spray foam includes insulation for roofing and walls.

Rigid Polyurethane: Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial refrigeration foam includes insulation for pipes, walls and metal doors in commercial refrigeration equipment, vending machines, coolers, buoyancy, and refrigerated transport vehicles.

Rigid Polyurethane: Marine Flotation Foam
Marine flotation foam is used in boat manufacturing for both structural and flotation purposes.

Rigid Polyurethane: Sandwich Panels
Sandwich panels include insulation for walls and metal doors.

Flexible Polyurethane
Flexible polyurethane includes foam furniture, bedding, chair cushions, and shoe soles.

Integral Skin Polyurethane
Integral skin polyurethane includes car steering wheels, dashboards, and shoe soles.

Polystyrene: Extruded Sheet
Extruded sheet includes foam for packaging and buoyancy or floatation.

Polyolefin includes foam sheets and tubes.

Rigid Polyurethane: Slabstock and Other
Slabstock includes insulation for panels and pipes.

Polystyrene: Extruded Boardstock & Billet
Extruded boardstock and billet includes insulation for roofing, walls, flooring, and pipes.

Rigid Polyurethane & Polyisocyanurate Laminated Boardstock
Rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate laminated boardstock includes insulation for roofing and walls.

Phenolic Insulation Board & Bunstock
Phenolic insulation board and bunstock includes insulation for roofing and walls.