Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP)

Cleaning Solvents

Cleaning solvents are used to remove oil, grease, solder flux, and other contaminants. In the SNAP program, the “cleaning solvent” sector refers to substitutes for non-aerosol solvents used in industrial cleaning in vapor degreasing, cold batch cleaning, or automated cleaning equipment. SNAP does not currently cover dry cleaning, manual cleaning with non-aerosol solvents, non-aerosol mold release agents, or component testing agents.

End Uses

Metals Cleaning
Metals cleaning is removing contaminants such as cutting oils, grease, or metal filings from metal parts.

Electronics Cleaning
Electronics cleaning is removing contaminants, primarily solder flux residues, from electronics or circuit boards.

Precision Cleaning
Precision cleaning is cleaning to a specific grade of cleanliness in order for products to maintain their value.