SmartWay Affiliate Resources

SmartWay Affiliates commit to helping educate their members and communities about freight efficiency and sustainable goods movement, display the Smartway brand, and support members in becoming SmartWay Partners and using SmartWay technologies.

The resources on this page will help you get started.

Learn the Issues

View these resources to develop a stronger understanding of how SmartWay works so you can share this information with your members.

Present SmartWay to Your Members

This presentation will help you educate your members or associates regarding the goals and benefits of SmartWay.

Tell Your Members about SmartWay Technologies

Share the SmartWay E-update and other Content in Your Newsletter or Blog

  • Include the "Why Join SmartWay (DOC)(1 pg, 29 K) " letter in your newsletter or blog. This template can be tailored and personalized for your membership magazines, trade media, etc.

Put the SmartWay Affiliate Logo on Your Website

We encourage all Affiliates to demonstrate your participation and commitment to freight supply chain sustainability by putting the SmartWay Affiliate logo on your website. Create a page dedicated to the goals and resources of SmartWay to give your members easy access to information about the benefits of participating in the program.

Display the SmartWay ads on your website and blogs

Place one or more of these for Web advertisements on your website to draw your audience's attention to key SmartWay resources. You can also develop your own graphics to highlight specific SmartWay Web content. Please contact your Affiliate contact if you need guidance on creating custom ad content.

Download all four of the SmartWay ads (ZIP)(1 pg, 315 K)

Display the SmartWay Banner in Your Building

SmartWay BannerPrint instructions: banner file is 25 percent of the actual banner size (actual banner size: 87" x 36"). The printer has to enlarge the file to the appropriate banner dimensions before printing. Create the banner with eight grommets for the top and eight grommets on the bottom.

Download the SmartWay Banner Graphics File

Display the Print Ad in your Newsletter or Trade Media

SmartWay Reflects WellPlace the "Reflects Well" print advertisement in your newsletters or trade media. Promote the benefits of SmartWay Designated Tractors and Trailers to your members with this professionally designed ad.

Download the "Reflects Well" Print Advertisement

Affiliates can help their members become SmartWay Partners by learning more about how the tools work and by providing technical support.

Here are links to the resources provided for each partner type:

You can also learn more about the tools and resources of the SmartWay program by attending SmartWay training webinars.

The SmartWay Affiliate Challenge publicly recognizes SmartWay Affiliates that have conducted exceptional outreach, educational, and policy activities to reduce air pollution and improve efficiency in the freight sector.

SmartWay Affiliate Challenge honorees have done outstanding work reaching out to inform and educate their communities, local businesses, truck drivers, and other stakeholders about steps they can take to reduce freight emissions and other environmental impacts.

EPA encourages all SmartWay Affiliates to participate in the Affiliate Challenge.

Application for the 2017 SmartWay Affiliate Challenge

Learn Best Practices from Other Affiliates

To learn more about how you can successfully lead your organization and your members in the freight sustainability movement, check out our Best Practices Guide (PDF) (18 pp, 2.2MB, EPA-420-B-15-068, May 2015).

See what other SmartWay Affiliates are doing.

Here’s a list of SmartWay Affiliates that are leading the way and getting the word out about SmartWay and freight supply chain sustainability.

2016 Affiliate Leader Board



  Logo Why SmartWay Collaboration Recruiting Social Media Newsletter Host Event Other
Food Shippers of America          
North Central Texas Council of Governments    
Penske Truck Leasing      
Wisconsin Clean Cities