Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) Model

RSEI Data Dictionary

This set of tables describes all of the data tables and fields used in EPA's Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) model and results data sets, and is also available in PDF format: RSEI Data Dictionary. Each table listed below comes with information about where it can be found (e.g., in EasyRSEI, or in the Geographic Microdata).

Note that many of these tables link to other tables using keys like FacilityNumber, ChemicalNumber, and ReleaseNumber. The key values change with each version of RSEI, so you must use the same version for all tables, including the Microdata. The only exceptions are the Census Crosswalks, Population data tables, and the Shapefiles, which do not change with each RSEI version (however, they do change occasionally, so you should use the most recent version of each).

Additional information can be found in the RSEI methodology document and in the Geographic Microdata documentation.

                            Tables in the RSEI Data Dictionary  
  Facility Chemical Submission Category Block Group Microdata Population Data  
  Offsite MCL Release Disaggregated Microdata Water Microdata Shapefiles  
  NAICS Media Elements Aggregated Microdata Census Crosswalks