Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) Model

RSEI Data Dictionary: Category Data

                            Tables in the RSEI Data Dictionary  
  Facility Chemical Submission Category Block Group Microdata Population Data  
  Offsite MCL Release Disaggregated Microdata Water Microdata Shapefiles  
  NAICS Media Elements Aggregated Microdata Census Crosswalks    

The Category table describes the codes used in the Elements table to indicate the release pathway.

Category Data




Codes corresponding to the medium into which the chemical is released. Examples of the information include: volatilization from a transfer to a POTW, fugitive air releases, releases to an onsite landfill. 


Descriptions of release media and other descriptors corresponding with the score category codes. 


A dummy variable that is ‘1’ when that category can be modeled and ‘0’ when it cannot.


A dummy variable that is ‘1’ when the model requires an inhalation toxicity score to model this kind of release and ‘0’ when it does not.