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    EPA Grant Awards Database

    The EPA Grant Awards Database Exitcontains a summary record for all non-construction EPA grants awarded in the last 10 years as well as grants awarded before that time that are still open. Use this database to locate contracting opportunities in your state that are funded by EPA.

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    As a business owner, how do I take advantage of the DBE Program?

    Follow the money! Many EPA grant recipients hire contractors to aid them in carrying out the projects funded by their EPA grant dollars. This results in increased procurement opportunities for DBEs. As a business owner there are two major things you should do to take full advantage of the EPA DBE Program:

    • Get certified by SBA or DOT, or by your state, tribal, or local government. Under the new DBE program, in order for grant recipients to count dollars spent with minority and women-owned businesses toward the achievement of their fair share objectives, those businesses must be certified.
    • Search the EPA Grant Awards Database Exit to maintain an awareness of who EPA grant recipients are and the nature of the projects the grant dollars will fund... then follow-up with the contact person identified for those individual grants. 

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