RadNet Databases and Reports

RadNet data are available in databases and reports. EPA releases analytical and monitoring results after checking to ensure they meet quality standards.

Envirofacts Database of RadNet Laboratory Results

Envirofacts RadNet Database contains laboratory analysis results from air monitor filters and samples of precipitation and drinking water. Historical RadNet milk sampling data is available in the Envirofacts RadNet database as well. This database includes both the current and historical data needed to estimate long-term trends in environmental radiation levels.

EPA's RadNet Database of Near-Real-Time Monitoring Data

The RadNet Database in EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) contains the near-real-time environmental radiation data from fixed and deployable air monitors. Login is not required. For support, view RadNet CDX User Manuals.

View RadNet Near-Real-Time and Laboratory Data by State.

Environmental Radiation Data (ERD) Quarterly Journal Reports

Environmental Radiation Data (ERD) is an electronic (and formerly print) journal published quarterly by EPA's National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory (NAREL) in Montgomery, Alabama. It contains data from RadNet and its predecessor systems.