Radiation Protection

Uranium Mines and Mills Location Database

In the early 2000s, EPA compiled known or potential mine location information from federal, state, and Tribal agencies into a single database as part of its investigation into the potential environmental hazards of wastes from abandoned uranium mines in the western United States.

Learn more about the Uranium Location Database Compilation.

The Uranium Mines and Mills Location Database is designed for use with geographic information system (GIS) software. A geographic projection of the uranium locations found in the database may be generated with GIS software, using the files available in the ZIP file below. Please open the "CD_Content_Read_First.txt" file before proceeding with installation for important information. 

Uranium Location Database (ZIP)(222 MB)

View the 2014 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management report on defense-related uranium mines. This report summarizes data and information taken from four technical topic reports:

  • The known or potential location and status of defense-related uranium mines on federal, state, tribal and private lands.
  • The extent to which these mines pose a significant radiation hazard or other public health and safety threat, and cause or have caused environmental degradation.
  • The potential cost and feasibility of reclamation and remediation in accordance with federal law.
  • A priority ranking for reclamation and remediation efforts.