Radiation Protection

40 CFR Part 192: Proposed Rulemaking and Background Documents

"Health and Environmental Protection Standards for Uranium and Thorium Mill Tailings (40 CFR 192)" establish standards for protection of the public health, safety, and environment from radiological and non-radiological hazards associated with uranium and thorium ore processing, and their associated wastes.

January 2017 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Comments due July 18, 2017

Since the last revision of 40 CFR 192 in 1995, in-situ recoveryHelpin-situ recoveryA process to recover uranium in which fluids are injected into ground water to mobilize the uranium in underground deposits. Extraction wells then collect the groundwater, which is processed at the surface to recover the uranium. (ISR) has become the predominant method of uranium extraction in the United States. EPA is proposing revisions to 40 CFR 192 that would regulate byproduct materials produced by ISR activities, with a primary focus on groundwater protection and restoration. The proposed rule would set post-restoration groundwater standards for 12 constituents and add monitoring requirements. EPA first proposed new groundwater protection standards for ISR facilities in January 2015. After reviewing public comments and new information, the Agency decided to re-propose the rule and solicit additional public comments rather than finalize the rule. Comments are due July 18, 2017.

Download the Proposed Rule from the Federal Register.

View a fact sheet on the 2017 proposed revisions to 40 CFR 192(2pp, 241 K, About PDF)

Submit comments online at Regulations.gov (Note:  Comments may also be submitted by mail.  See the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for details.)

Links Concerning the Proposed Rulemaking of January 26, 2015.

Published Sources Used in the Proposed Rulemaking of January 26, 2015

EPA Background & Supporting Documents for the Proposed Rulemaking of January 26, 2015

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