Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Energy Savings Plus Health Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Multifamily Building Upgrades

Protect Public Health and Save Energy When Upgrading Multifamily Buildings

About 80 million people live in multifamily buildings, and many of these buildings will be retrofitted in the coming years to renovate their existing structure, improve energy efficiency, improve long-term durability and ensure good indoor air quality (IAQ). Some upgrade activities, however, might negatively affect IAQ if the appropriate building assessment is not made before work begins and issues that can compromise IAQ are not identified and properly addressed.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed these voluntary Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Multifamily Building Upgrades, to provide practical guidance to ensure healthy indoor environments during multifamily residential building upgrades, retrofits and renovations (including energy upgrades), and to maintain the building upgrades after dwelling units are reoccupied.

IAQ Guidelines for Multifamily Building Upgrades

If you're involved with renovation and remodeling efforts, including energy-focused residential retrofits in multifamily buildings, these guidelines will help you seamlessly integrate health protections into your energy or other upgrade projects.

Multifamily Checklist Generator Tool

This Microsoft Excel file lets you develop custom verification checklists tailored to the specific energy upgrade or other multifamily upgrade project being undertaken. 

Download the Multifamily Checklist Generator Tool (XLSM)(1 pg, 241 K)

Energy Savings Plus Health: Checklist Generator for Multifamily Building Upgrades is a tool to be used in close conjunction with the EPA guidance document, Energy Savings Plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Multifamily Building Upgrades. Note: When using the Energy Savings Plus Health Checklist Generator it may be necessary to enable macros for functionality, depending on the users' Excel settings.

This interactive tool will allow users to:

  • Create customized checklists for each individual project
  • Verify that the Assessment Protocols for multifamily building upgrades have been appropriately applied; and
  • Ensure that appropriate Minimum Actions and Expanded Actions in the Guide have been taken to protect or enhance IAQ.

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