ICLUS Data for the Northwest Region

ICLUS data (version 2) outputs made available to the regional groups of the National Climate Assessment consist of populations. The projections are based on the 2010 U.S. Census and use fertility, mortality and immigration rates from the Wittgenstein Centre Exit to project decadal population to 2100. These projections are therefore consistent with the demographic assumptions of the SSP2 and SSP5 socioeconomic scenarios. ICLUS population projections are used as inputs to a land use model, which spatially allocates five residential land uses (exurban-low, exurban-high, suburban, urban-low, urban-high) as well as commercial and industrial.

Datasets available below cover the Northwest region. All datasets are compatible with standard geographic information systems.

Dataset to download Description Metadata
Population Data (SSP2 & SSP5) 964Kb, Shapefile format Population Projections

The graphs below provide an overview of population and developed land area trends across the two scenarios, SSP2 and SSP5, over time for the Northwest region.