School IAQ Assessment Mobile App


Assess, then address — EPA just made it easy

The key to maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) is to conduct regular walkthrough assessments of your school facilities. The School IAQ Assessment Mobile app is a “one-stop shop” for accessing EPA’s comprehensive school IAQ management guidance and detailed walkthrough assessment checklists that address critical building-related environmental health issues such as:

  • Ventilation
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Environmental asthma triggers
  • Radon
  • Integrated pest management

Schools that want to develop, sustain or reinvigorate their IAQ management programs can use this tool to identify and prioritize IAQ improvements. The School IAQ Assessment mobile app complements existing IAQ management programs and can become the central tracking mechanism schools and districts use to organize building assessments and prioritize IAQ improvements.

Watch and Learn: View the School IAQ Assessment Moible App Video

Before downloading the app, learn what it can do:

Getting Started: The quick basics of what you need to know.

Frequently Asked Questions: You have questions, we have answers.

The Mobile App at a Glance

DOWNLOAD: Visit EPA's mobile app web site to initiate the app on your Apple or Android smart device. Access the How to Get Started section to review the set-up options, intent and capabilities of the app. You can also download a short reference guide that walks you through the technical aspects of organizing your checklists in Excel.

ASSESS: Conduct a walkthrough of your school buildings using a set of easy-to-follow checklists — all you need is an Internet connection. Then, submit your completed checklists via email to a designated IAQ coordinator for review and follow-up action. You can also attach photos and detailed notes about the assessed area in your completed checklist submission.

DISCOVER: The completed checklists will identify IAQ concerns and validate good IAQ practices already in place. Checklists are provided to your designated IAQ Coordinator with recommended action steps generated by the app to address identified IAQ problems. Recommendations are based on the Framework for Effective IAQ Management for comprehensively addressing IAQ.

LEARN MORE: The mobile app includes other valuable resources from the IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit, such as information on radon and asthma management in schools, as well as, EPA’s newest guidance – Protecting IAQ During School Energy Efficiency Retrofit Projects with Energy Savings Plus Health Guidelines, which integrates IAQ protections into school energy retrofits and other building projects.