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EPA History: Ozone Layer Depletion

image of ozone hole reduction: 2012Antartic ozone hole

Press Releases and Administrator Statements

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  • Statement at a Public Meeting on Chlorofluorocarbons
    by Russell E. Train [EPA statement - December 3, 1976]

  • Government Ban on Fluorocarbon Gases in Aerosol Products Begins October 15
    [EPA press release - October 15, 1978]

  • Statement at International Meeting on Chlorofluorocarbons
    by Barbara Blum [EPA press release - April 15, 1980]

  • Regulatory History of CFCs and Other Stratospheric Ozone Depleting Chemicals (to 1993)
    [EPA press release - April 23, 1993]

  • EPA Issues First Safe Substitutes List for CFCs and Other Ozone Depleters
    [EPA press release - February 16, 1994]

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