Green Power Partnership

Green Power Partnership Requirements

EPA recently collected comments on proposed revisions to GPP program requirements.

This information outlines the requirements for joining EPA's Green Power Partnership (GPP). This information complements the requirements presented in the program requirements document and the Partnership Agreement.

Eligible Organizations

The Partnership is open to all organizations operating within the United States, except for sellers, suppliers, or marketers of green power (i.e., "providers").

Partnership-eligible organizations include:

  • Publicly and privately held corporations
  • Federal, state, and local government agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • Educational institutions

Resource Eligibility

Eligible green power resources are those that produce electricity with zero anthropogenic (human-caused) emissions and have a superior environmental profile compared to conventional power generation.

Green Power Use Requirements

EPA requires that Partners meet a minimum percentage of their annual electricity use with green power. Partners should calculate their annual electricity use in accordance with their organization's scope of participation. View the green power use requirements.

Scope of Participation

There are two levels at which an organization may join GPP:

  • Organization-wide (U.S. operations only)
  • Single facility or any logical aggregation of facilities less than organization-wide

New Renewables Requirement

To support developing more renewable energy capacity nationwide, EPA requires that Partners use green power from renewable energy facilities put into service within the last 15 years. Learn about the new renewables requirement.

Green Power Vintage Requirement

For Partners' yearly use, EPA requires that Partners use green power products generated within that vintage year, with up to six months prior to that vintage year or up to three months after the vintage year. Learn about the green power vintage requirement.

Annual Reporting

Partners are required to annually report on their current green power use and Partnership status.

For more information about these requirements, visit the pages providing further details of these requirements or read the requirements in the Program Requirements document and the Partnership application.

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