Green Power Partnership

Green Power Partnership Program Initiatives

The Green Power Partnership encourages organizations to use green power to reduce the environmental impact of electricity use. EPA has developed a number of initiatives that focus on the collective green power efforts within specific sectors, as well as innovative renewable energy procurement strategies. These initiatives provide recognition opportunities for Partner organizations and help increase awareness about green power use among organizations in the sector and the public at large. Below is information on the Green Power Partnership's current program initiatives.

  • EPA Solar Utilization in Higher Education Networking and Information Sharing Group: EPA’s Green Power Partnership is working to foster greater utilization of solar energy with the Higher Education sector. This initiative seeks to provide colleges and universities with a better understanding of the various challenges in utilizing solar energy and to develop and disseminate information and resources to address these barriers.
  • Project Matching Initiative: EPA's Green Power Partnership's Project Matching initiative seeks to spur the development of new renewable generation by facilitating the engagement of green power users with not-yet-built renewable energy projects.
  • College and University Challenge: Throughout the academic year, EPA's Green Power Partnership tracks the green power use of collegiate athletic conferences and recognizes a Champion Green Power Conference as well as the largest single green power users within each participating conference.
  • Collaborative Procurement Initiative: This Green Power Partnership initiative provides a collaborative platform for deploying clean energy technologies across multiple government and educational organizations for maximum impact on installed solar system capacity, local economic activity, and the regional environment.
  • ABA/EPA Law Office: The American Bar Association (ABA) and EPA are working together to encourage law offices to participate in EPA's Green Power Partnership program.