Green Power Partnership

Green Power Partnership Annual Reporting Requirements

Partners are required to update EPA when any change occurs to their green power use or partnership status. Such changes include modifications to their amount of green power use, resource types and mix of green power products, provider, or information relating to their organization's primary contact.

In addition, each year, around the Partner's anniversary of joining the Partnership (or the anniversary date of their last usage data update) the Green Power Partnership program will provide each Partner's primary point of contact with a Partner Yearly Report (Green Power Partner Yearly Reporting Form (XLS)(1 pg, 489 K) ) that summarizes the Partner's most recent green power usage and partnership status on record. Partners must review, update, and return the Partner Yearly Report to EPA.

At any time, Partners can review the data EPA has on file for their organization by requesting a pre-populated Partner Yearly Report.


Failure to submit the Partner Yearly Report or to meet the Partnership's minimum requirements will result in the Partner's suspension from the program. EPA will make several attempts to contact non-responsive Partners before beginning the suspension process.

Suspensions entail removing the Partner from all Green Power Partnership materials and websites. In addition, suspended Partners must remove all mentions of the Partnership from their marketing materials and website, and must cease use of the Green Power Partner mark.