Green Power Partnership

Green Power Partner Resources

The Green Power Partnership provides its Partners with a variety of current and relevant tools and resources, available here on its website.

These include:

  • Green Power Partner Communications Support: This page outlines opportunities for Green Power Partners to promote their organization's environmental leadership and commitment to sustainability. This page also provides an overview of the tools and services Partners can use to promote their green power commitments.
  • EPA Green Power Partner Mark: This page provides information about the use of the Green Power Partner mark and the guidelines for use in outreach and communications materials.
  • Green Power Leadership Awards: This page provides updated information about additional recognition opportunities Partners have when they apply for the annual Green Power Leadership Awards.
  • Green Power Partnership Newsroom: EPA provides highlights to recent news and press related to the Green Power Partnership and its Partners. This page provides links to the monthly newsletter, news, media coverage, and press releases about our Green Power Partners.
  • Green Power Partnership Events and Webinars: EPA hosts webinars on a regular basis that explore a variety of topics, including the Green Power Partnership, green power technologies and products, and information on procuring green power.
  • Green Power Partnership Trainings: EPA develops trainings on a regular basis that explore a variety of green power purchasing and generation topics.
  • Green Power Partnership Videos: These videos developed by the Green Power Partnership explore a variety of topics, including information about green power procurement, renewable energy certificates, and the benefits of becoming a Green Power Partner.
  • Green Power Partnership Publications: This page provides access to documents related to the Green Power Partnership, how to join, and other relevant Partner documentation.
  • Partnership Tools and Resources: This page provides access to the various tools and resources relevant to procuring green power.