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Green Power Partner Mark Use and Display Guidelines

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General Guidelines

Green Power Partners markTo maintain the integrity of the Green Power Partner mark, EPA requires that Partner organizations use the mark in accordance with the following standards and guidelines:

  • Green Power Partners (i.e., organizations that have submitted a Partnership Agreement to EPA) are welcome to use the Partner mark to indicate that they are Green Power Partners.
  • EPA recommends that Partners use the mark in conjunction with messaging about green power and their organization's partnership with EPA. For example, "We purchase green power in amounts that meet EPA's requirements."
  • The Green Power Partner mark may not be used in any way that implies EPA endorsement of a product or organization.
  • Organizations may not use EPA's Green Power Partnership Program mark in place of the Green Power Partner mark.

All uses of the Partner mark should be approved by EPA. For further information, please contact Christopher Kent (, 202-343-9046).

Correct Use of the Partner Mark

By signing the Partnership Agreement, organizations enter into an agreement with the Green Power Partnership to use its name and Partner mark as described below:

  • The Partner mark can be used on Partner websites and Partner information materials (e.g., brochures, annual reports) that are describing the organization as a Green Power Partner or discussing the organization's use of green power.
  • Partners may only use the Partner mark in conjunction with the scope or level at which the organization has joined the Partnership. Organizations can choose a scope for joining GPP: at the facility-level, with a select group of facilities, or organization-wide (U.S. operations only). If an organization joins the Partnership for just one of its facilities, or for any subset of the organization's U.S. operations, Partnership benefits—including mark use— extend only to that facility or subset of the organization.
  • Partners are responsible for their own use of the Green Power Partner mark, as well as the mark's use by their representatives or third parties acting on their behalf.
  • The Green Power Partner name should not be used in such a way as to imply that the Partner or Partnership is selling a green power product or service.
  • EPA may change the terms of Partner mark use guidelines and has the right to terminate or withdraw license to use the mark.

Inappropriate Use of the Partner Mark

  • Use of the Partner mark on products is not appropriate.
  • The mark may not be used in any manner that would imply EPA endorsement of a company, its products, or its services. Neither the mark nor the name "Green Power Partner" may be used as part of any other company name, product name, service name, domain name, website title, or the like.
  • The mark may not be altered, recreated, cut apart, separated, incorporated into other mark or logo designs, or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.
  • The mark may not be associated with purchases of green power that do not qualify for the Green Power Partnership.
  • Organizations that are not Green Power Partners (e.g., vendors of green power or other affiliated organizations) may not use the Partner mark; however, they may link to the Green Power Partnership's website.

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Partner Mark Use Specifications

  • A) Partner Mark Art
    • PANTONE® color specifications for the 2 spot-color version
      Pantone 287 (blue) and Pantone 144 (orange)
    • Color specifications for the 4-color (CMYK) version
      Blue: C=100, M=69, Y=0, K=11 Orange: C=0, M=47, Y=100, K=0
    • Color specifications for the RGB version
      Blue: R=0, G=82, B=156 Orange: R=248, G=153, B=29
    • Specifications for the black and white version
      100 percent black and 25 percent black.
  • B) Partner Mark Sizes

    In print materials, for legibility, the mark should not be reproduced smaller than 1.5 inches long by 0.66 inches high, with a border of one-eighth inch around all sides separating it from text or other graphic elements. In Web and other electronic media, for legibility, the mark should not be smaller than 110 pixels by 55 pixels.

    The mark may be resized, but the correct aspect ratio must be maintained. When resizing the Partner mark for inclusion in materials such as PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word documents, holding down the "Shift" key while resizing the image will constrain the aspect ratio.

  • C) Online

    When the Green Power Partner mark is displayed online, it must contain a click-through link to the Green Power Partnership website:

Violations of the Partner Mark

EPA monitors the proper use of the Green Power Partnership name and Partner mark. The following explains the general course of action for addressing mark violations:

  • Anyone who misuses the marks will be contacted in writing or by telephone.
  • A reasonable amount of time will be given to correct the error(s). The timeframe will depend on the medium in which the violation appeared and the severity of the misuse.
  • After notification, EPA will monitor to ensure that the error(s) has been corrected. Failure to make the required changes may result in termination of a Partner's participation in the Partnership and/or legal action.

EPA Review Policy

EPA requires review of advertisements or collateral materials on which the Partner mark is used. Partners should contact EPA to discuss this issue.


To discuss Partner mark use details, contact Christopher Kent (, 202-343-9046)

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