Green Power Partnership

Cost of Green Power

The price paid for green power can vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • Supply and demand variability
  • Volume of purchase (e.g., total megawatt-hours)
  • Resource and technology type (e.g., solar, wind, biomass)
  • Geography (e.g., local versus national)
  • Vintage (e.g., project and generation)
  • Product type (e.g., renewable energy certificate [REC], utility pricing, fixed pricing)
  • Wholesale versus retail pricing
  • Contract duration (e.g., short- or long-term)
  • Certification/verification status

The Green Power Locator lists residential retail price premiums for some green power products. Large volume buyers should expect significantly lower prices due to the economies of scale of larger purchases, among other factors. EPA recommends seeking multiple price estimates from suppliers to assess the market rate for green power products that meet your organization's unique goals.

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