Global Methane Initiative

EPA Global Methane Initiative Grants

The proposal deadline has passed for EPA's most recent solicitation to fund international projects and activities that reduce global methane emissions and advance the abatement, recovery and use of methane as a valuable clean energy source in support of the Global Methane Initiative. There are no active solicitations for this grant program.

Previous Cooperative Agreement Awards

The Global Methane Initiative tracking system Exit provides information on awards resulting from previous EPA requests for proposals. These awards support the core activities of the GMI and support the sector-specific action plans developed by the Initiative. Use the tabs below to view summary information about previous grant awards.

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Country Year Applicant Title EPA Total Project Cost (Negotiated Total)
China 2010 Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Development of Monitoring Methods for Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction through Use of Biogas Digesters for Livestock Manures in China $141,450
China 2009 EED Research Center Commercialization of Pilot Project for Large and Medium -Sized  Biogas Projects in Livestocks Farms  $31,000
China 2009 Guangdong Department of Agriculture 1. Procurement of three biogas power generators.  2. International Conference. $110,000
China 2007 China Biogas Society Workshop on biogas technological, policy and institutional innovations $55,000
China 2007 Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MAGC) Capacity Building for the Promotion of Rural Renewable Energy Development in China $150,000
China 2007 Michigan State University Building a M2M Agricultural Sector Research Network (MARN) in China $43,757
Colombia 2010 Centro Nacional de Producción Más Limpia y Tecnologías ambientales (CNPMLTA) Capacity Building in anaerobic Digesters Design, Operation, Maintenance and Construction for Methane Use. $100,000
Colombia 2007 Colombia’s Centro Nacional de Produccion Mas Limpia y Tecnologias ambientales (CNPMLTA) Methane capture from agricultural wastes $64,350
Ethiopia 2010 Community Development Research Ethiopian Agricultural Methane Capture Improvement Project $75,000
India 2008 International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) Assessment of the Potential to Capture Methane from Distillery and Winery Waste in India $100,062
India 2007 International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) Productive Use of methane in the Indian Dairy Industry — An Indian AgStar Mechanism $99,000
India 2007 The India Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Regional workshop on "technologies and policies for control of methane emission from animal wastes" $100,000
Korea 2008 National Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology, Rural Dev. Admin. (RDA) Methane Capture from Agricultural Wastes in Korea $98,500
Mexico 2010 Fundación Guanajuato Produce Institutional strengthening through human capacity building, to develop anaerobic digester technology in livestock farming and agribusinesses, in order to reduce GHG emissions and help mitigate climate change. $301,631
Mexico 2010 Green Empowerment Network for Biodigesters in Latin America and the Caribbean $44,684
Mexico 2010 International Renewable Resources Institute, Mexico Building from Lessons Learned to Promote Anaerobic Digestion Technology for Manure Management in Mexico $164,565
Mexico 2009 Fideicomiso de Riesgo Compartido (FIRCO) Institutional Strengthening through Human Capacity Building, for the Development of Anaerobic Digesters in the Livestock Sector, to Reduce GHG Emissions and Help Mitigate Climate Change Effects. $104,225
Mexico 2009 International Renewable Resources Institute Building from Lessons Learned to Promote Anaerobic Digestion: Technology for Manure Management in Mexico $99,866
Mexico 2008 Guanajuato Produce Foundation Development of technical standards for the design, construction & installation of anaerobic digesters in Mexico $149,550
Mexico 2007 Mexico's SEMARNAT Actions for replication of biodigester systems in the Lerma-Chapala Region $180,000
Mongolia 2010 Advanced Technology Development Centre of Mongolian University of Science and Technology (ATDC-MUST) with collaboration of Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium (MNEC) Assessment of Methane Resources from Agriculture Wastes in Mongolia $90,000
Pakistan 2010 Winrock International Capacity Building of Dairy Farms in Pakistan for Increased Investment in Commercial Biogas Sector $138,150
Philippines 2009 Ateneo de Manila University Communal Anaerobic Digester to Collectively Manage Animal Wastes of Small Commercial and Backyard Farms in the Philippines $20,761
Philippines 2009 Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development (PCIERD) - Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Capacity Building for Methane Recovery from Agro-industries $106,600
Poland 2013 Instytut Nafty I Gazu (INIG) Agricultural waste sector in Poland: Assessment of opportunities for methane recovery from livestock farms wastes $120,250 funded at $60,125 per year over two consecutive years.
Thailand 2008 Ministry of Agriculture Dept. of Livestock & Cooperation Development Assistance to Reduce Methane from Swine Farms in Thailand $700,000
Vietnam 2010 Institute of Strategy and Policy on natural resources and environment Making demonstration piolts on livestock waste management in medium and large swine farms to reduce methane emissions in Vietnam $150,000
Vietnam 2007 Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Department of Environment Sustainable Recovery of livestock waste to reduce methane gas emission in agricultural sector of Viet Nam $75,000
Country Year Applicant Title EPA Total Project Cost (Negotiated Total)
China 2010 China Coal Information Institute (CCII) Further Promotion of M2M in Coal Sector of China $140,000
China 2009 China Coal Information Institute (CCII) Technical Assessment of Coal Mine Gas Recovery and Utilization in China  $180,000
China 2009 China University of Petroleum, Beijing The Capacity for CBM/CMM Development and Utilization by Integrative Technologies of Coal Mining and Methane Extraction $199,805
China 2009 Guizhou International Cooperation Center for Environmental Protection Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Recovery and Utilization Initiative In Guizhou Province, China $210,729
China 2009 University of Colorado Methane Emissions from Abandoned Coal Mines in China $400,000
China 2008 Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs The Methane Connection: Coal Mining Safety & Clean Power Production in China $171,250
China 2008 Virginia Tech Development of Guidelines & Evaluation Technical for Degassing Coal Mine Methane in Advance of Mining to Reduce Methane Emissions in the Southern Shanxi Province of China $300,000
China 2007 Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) A feasibility study on mitigating and utilizing diluted mine methane by using a monolithic catalytic combustor at Tiefa $200,102
China 2007 CCII Demonstration of power generation using low quality coal mine methane, emission monitoring & engine perf. Analysis $100,000
China 2007 Guizhou International Cooperation Center for Environmental Protection Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Recovery and Utilization Initiative in Guizhou Province, China $63,503
India 2009 Southern Illinois University Carbondale Development and demonstration of Coal mine methane enrichment at moonidih mine, India $153,695
India 2008 Central Inst. of Mining and Fuel Research Feasibility Study for Recovery and Utilization of Coal Mine Methane in Jharia, Bokaro & Raniganj Coalfields in India $311,675
India 2007 Southern Illinois University Quantification of Ventilation Air Methane Emission From Three Gassy Underground Coal Mines in India $77,000
Mongolia 2010 Mongolian Nature and Environment Consortium (MNEC) Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Resource Assessment and Emissions Inventory Development in Mongolia $229,530
Mongolia 2008 Mongolian Nature & Environmental Consortium Pre-feasibility Study on Methane Recovery & Utilization in Nalaikh Coal Mine $100,000
Nigeria 2007 Centre for People and Environment Pre-feasibility Study on Electricity Generation Utilizing coal Mine Methane from Nigerian Coal Mines $80,000
Poland 2009 Central Mining Institute of Katowice Pre-feasability study for degasification and methane capture before mining at the Pawlowice 1 coal field $150,000
Poland 2008 Central Mining Institute of Katowice, Poland  Detailed Characteristics of the Ventilation Air Methane Emissions from Twenty-Nine Gassy Underground Coal Mines in Poland $250,000
Poland 2008 Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU) Abandoned mine feasibility study and coal mine methane to liquefied natural gas assessment ("Zory" Coal Mine) $399,913
Russia 2010 Coal & Methane Research Center – Uglemetan VAM at Russian Coal Mines $140,000
Turkey 2010 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Optimizing Degasification Systems to Reduce Methane Emissions from Turkish Coal Mines $210,803
Country Year Applicant Title EPA Total Project Cost (Negotiated Total)
Argentina 2007 Argentina Solid Waste Association (ARS) (in IGMS as ‘APEEDLRS’ — Asociacion Para El Estudio de los Residuous) Small Scale Direct Utilization of Landfill Gas to Fulfill On-Site Energy Needs $125,000
Argentina 2008 National University of the Central Province of Buenos Aires Using Landfill Gas As Pyrolisis Furnace Fuel $150,000
Argentina 2009 Asociación para el Estudio de los Residuos Sólidos (ARS) Small Scale Direct Utilization of Landfill Gas and Training Workshops on Sanitary Landfill Operations $100,000
Argentina 2010 Asociación para el Estudio de los Residuos Sólidos (ARS) Small Scale Direct Utilization of Landfill Gas to Fulfill On-site Energy Needs $151,025
Brazil 2007 ICLEI Local Methane Partnership for Emissions Reduction at Municipal Landfills in Brazil (originally was Brazil and India) $140,000
Brazil 2008 Promar Foundation Master Plan for Landfill Management in the State of Espirito Santo, Brazil $250,012
Brazil 2009 Appalachian State University Community based landfill gas utilization in Brazil- Phase 1 $120,000
Brazil 2009 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners A Partnership Collaborative Between International and U.S. Regulators to Design a Toolkit for the Advancement of Methane Recovery and Use as a Clean Energy Source $150,029
Brazil 2010 Appalachian State University Community based Landfill Gas Utilization if Brazil $120,000
Brazil 2010 Associacao Brasileira de Empresas de Limpeza Publica e Residuos Especiais (ABRELPE) Atlas of GHG Emission and Ebergy Potential by Waste Desination in Brazil $160,000
Brazil 2013 Texas Transportation Institute Investigation of landfill gas as a transportation fuel in Brazil $100,000
Bulgaria 2009 EnEffect Capacity Building through a Municipal Project Development Network and a pilot LFG Recovery Project $80,000
Bulgaria 2010 EnEffect Landfill Gas Recovery and Use Throught Southeast Europe $200,000
Chile 2013 Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Development of a knowledge and information base to support recovery of methane emissions for energy production in small and medium sized landfills in the Central-South Zone of Chile $75,000
China 2007 California State University Fullerton Foundation Energy Recovery and Emission Reduction of Landfill Gas in China $95,000
China 2008 Env. Sanitation Engineering Tech Research Center-China  Landfill Gas Energy Recovery and Utilization Feasibility Study in China $175,000
China 2009 CSU Fullerton Auxillary Services Corporation Advance Methane Recovery and Use as a Clean Resource at Landfills in China $98,550
China 2009 International City/County Management (ICMA) Landfill Methane in China: Capacity Development for Technology and Best Management Practices $99,996
China 2010 CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation Development and Implementation of Training Sessions on Operational Optimization of Landfills and Landfill Gas Systems in China $100,000
China 2010 Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua-IESE) Capacity Building, Technology Transfer and Demonstration Project of Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) Program in The People's Republic of China $300,000
Colombia 2007 Colombia's Centro Nacional de Produccion Mas Limpia y Tecnologias ambientales (CNPMLTA) Identifying potential sites and conducting pre-feasibility studies at medium-sized landfills for methane capture and usage $102,450
Colombia 2009 Centro Nacional de Produccion Mas Limpias y Technologias Ambientes Facilitate and Promote Methane Capture and Usage Projects at Medium and Small Landfills in Colombia $125,000
Ecuador 2008 Municipality of Guayaquil  Activities that Advance Methane Recovery and Use as a Clean Energy Sources in "Las Iguanas" Landfill in Guayaquil, Ecuador $192,600
Ethiopia 2010 Community Development Research Ethiopian Landfill Study and Capacity Building Project $80,000
Ethiopia 2013 Community Development Research Ethiopian municipalities solid waste and landfill improvement project $80,000
Ghana 2013 The University of Texas at Arlington Feasibility study and training to support landfill gas recovery in Ghana $100,000 funded at $50,000 per year over two consecutive years.
India 2007 Texas A&M Research Foundation Pre-Feasibly Study for Converting Landfill Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas for Fueling Refuse Trucks and Buses in India $100,000
India 2008 Institute for Environmental Management, Inc.  Improving Landill Methane Energy Recovery from Developing Countries Landfills $150,000
India 2009 National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) Development of Modeling Tool for the Estimation of Methane Generation of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in India $120,000
Korea 2007 Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC) Feasibility Assessment for Methane recovery and utilization at four Korean Landfills $80,000
Mexico 2007 Border Environment Cooperation Commission Landfill gas and recovery at three communities in Northern Mexico $190,000
Mexico 2009 Border Environment Corporation Commission Methane Recovery in Municipal Landfills, Outreach and Experience Sharing in Mexico $164,947
Mexico 2010 ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability A Municipal Waste Analysis in Mexico's Southeast Region for GreenHouse Gases (GHG) Reduction (Methane to Markets Partnership) $150,000
Multiple 2007 CIFAL Atlanta Best Practices in Landfill Gas-to-Energy Projects: Improving Local Government Financial Performance by Protecting the Environment $175,000
Nigeria 2007 ISWA Landfill Inventory for Nigeria $35,000
Nigeria 2008 Center for People and the Environment Pre-feasibility Study of landfill Gas to Electricity from Nigerian Landfills $90,000
Nigeria 2009 Centre for People and Environment Study Tour and Visits to Landfills in the United States $21,000
Nigeria 2009 Rutgers University EcoComplex Pre-Feasibility Studies and capacity Building for Landfill Gas Utilization in Nigeria $120,000
Nigeria 2010 Lagos Waste Managemeent Authority Landfill Gas Field Assessment at the Abule-Egba and Solous Landfills, Feasibility Report and Educational Workshop in Lagos, Nigeria $80,000
Nigeria 2013 Centre for People and Environment (CPE) Country specific profile and strategic plan for solid waste and landfill gas management in Nigeria $30,000
Philippines 2010 Philippine Council for Industry and Energy Research and Development - Department of Science and Technology (PCIERDDOST) Capacity Building on Methane Emissions Recovery and Utilization from Landfills in the Philippines $105,000
Poland 2009 Oil and Gas Inst. (INIG) Best and Most Effective Technologies of LFG Utilization - Handbook, Trng and Capacity Bldg $170,000
Poland 2010 Oil & Gas Institute (INIG) Pre-Feasibility Study as a Milestone in Decision Process Creating of Computer Support System For Economical Assessment of LFGE Projects $180,000
Poland 2013 Instytut Nafty I Gazu (INIG) Polish landfill gas to energy consortium as a platform for capacity building and projects development $80,000
Poland  2008 Oil and Gas Institute  Study of the capabilities of landfill gas as a potential energy source $100,000
Russia 2007 NP Ecological Resource Centre Landfill Inventory for Russia $35,000
Russia 2009 RUSDEM -EE Pre-feasibility study of landfill gas commercial use in Russia $99,660
Russia 2010 Siberian State Industrial University (SibSU) Training Center and Development of a Demonstration Project for Landfill Gas Recovery in Siberia, Russia $162,330
Serbia 2010 Faculty of Technical Sciences Setting up Landfill Database and Research on Possibilities for CH4 Use in Serbia $80,000
Serbia 2013 Faculty of Technical Sciences Pilot methane utilization project $100,000
Turkey 2013 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Turkey's landfill inventory and methane emissions assessment $100,000
Ukraine 2007 Renewable Energy Agency (REA) Infrared Heater Technology Utilizing Landfill Gas in the Ukraine $175,000
Ukraine 2008 Renewable Energy Agency  Landfill Gas Feasibility Study, Collection System and Flare Installation at the Rivne Landfill, Ukraine $199,950
Ukraine 2010 Renewable Energy Agency (REA) Assessment of Methane Recovery Potential from Municipal Solid Waste in Ukraine $240,000
Country Year Applicant Title EPA Total Project Cost (Negotiated Total)
Brazil 2007 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Extension of the Process Optimization Review to Include Methane to Markets Partners $225,000
China 2008 Research Triangle Institute International (RTI) Methane Emissions and Leak Detection in the Chinese Oil and Natural Gas System $499,251
Ecuador 2008 Coastal Institute of Technology, Coastal Polytechnic University Activities that Advance Methane Recovery and Use as a Clean Energy Source in the Oil and Gas Industry in Ecuador $299,468
Russia 2009 Environmental Defense Fund, Inc Methane Recovery in the Russian Gas Sector:  Capitalizing on Economic and Environmental Benefits $699,839
Country Year Applicant Title EPA Total Project Cost (Negotiated Total)
Chile 2013 The University of Tennessee Assessment of methane resources from municipal wastewater in Chile $98,748 funded at $55,000 for Year 1 and $44,748 for Year 2.
China 2013 West Virginia University Research Corporation Developing an inventory of emissions from municipal wastewater treatment plants in major cities of China and approaches for boosting digester and methane recovery and applications $90,000 funded at $45,000 per year over two consecutive years.
Country Year Applicant Title EPA Total Project Cost (Negotiated Total)
India 2007 FICCI Facilitating Mechanisms for Advancing Methane Recovery and Use Projects in India $150,106
Russia 2007 RUSDEM-EE Clean Energy Technology Information Center $150,000