Fuels Registration, Reporting, and Compliance Help

How to register a company for Fuel Programs

All companies are required to register with EPA before participating in the following EPA Fuel Programs under Title 40 CFR Part 80: 

  • Gasoline fuel programs
  • Diesel fuel programs
  • Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program,
    including Quality Assurance Plans (QAP)

There are three (3) main steps for registering a company or facility for Fuel Programs:

STEP 1: Create a new user account and set up access to EPA systems.

Company registrations are submitted electronically through EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) OTAQ Registration system (OTAQREG).

Click this link or the tab above for more information: User associations

STEP 2: Submit company information in the registration system and print required documents.*

Company information is submitted and updated using OTAQREG.

Click this link or the tab above for more information: Register a new company

STEP 3: Send documents to EPA, as applicable.

Requests that are not electronically signed must be printed, signed and mailed to EPA.

Send to: EPA Fuel Programs mailing addresses

*UPDATES: Making updates to existing registrations

  • The majority of updates must be made through OTAQREG. Click this link or the tab above for more information: Company updates
  • A small number of registration actions cannot be made through OTAQREG. Click this link for more information: Registration letters