E-Enterprise for the Environment

Partners in E-Enterprise

The support and management of E-Enterprise is a joint effort by EPA, the States and Tribes.

Environmental Council of the States (ECOS)

State support and participation in E-Enterprise is coordinated through the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) Exit

Tribal Partners

The recently signed E-Enterprise charter set a process for full and equal participation of tribes in E-Enterprise Governance.  Currently the tribes are selecting members of the E-Enterprise Leadership Council and a tribal co-chair.

Exchange Network: Roots of E-Enterprise

E-Enterprise leverages the systems and lessons learned from the Environmental Information Exchange Network to enhance E-Enterprise. The states, tribes and EPA have worked together to build this effective approach to exchanging environmental data since the Exchange Network Blueprint was released in 2000. Learn more about the Exchange Network Exit or Tribes and the Exchange Network Exit.