CAA Permitting in EPA Region 7 (Midwest)

Serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and 9 Tribal Nations

State and Local Permitting Authorities

Approved state and local agencies have the primary responsibility for issuing Clean Air Act air permits in Region 7. The region retains responsibility for all air-related permitting on tribal lands and carries out oversight on the state and local programs. To learn more, select the agency of interest below.

Permit Program Contacts

Responsibilities Contact Phone
Chief, Air Permitting and Compliance Branch Mark Smith
(913) 551-7876
Iowa Coordinator David Peter
(913) 551-7397
Kansas Coordinator, GHG Permitting Ward Burns
(913) 551-7960
Missouri Coordinator Robert Cheever
(913) 551-7980
Nebraska Coordinator Pat Scott
(913) 551-7312
Tribal Coordinator Robert Webber
(913) 551-7251
  Jon Knodel
(913) 551-7622