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Burn Wise - Publications

Strategies for Reducing Residential Wood Smoke (2013) (PDF) (45pp, 593k) - Written for state, local and tribal air pollution control officials to have a comprehensive list of strategies to help communities reduce wood smoke from residential heating
Changeout Guide - Helps determine whether it is feasible to develop and implement a wood stove changeout campaign.
Guidance Document for Residential Wood Combustion Emission Control Measures (1989) (PDF) (234pp, 8.0 MB) - Provides guidance for local, state, and tribal air officials in developing plans for controlling emissions from residential wood combustion devices.
Guidance for States to Incorporate a Wood Stove Changeout Program into State Implementation Plans (2006) (PDF) (22 pp, 202 KB) - Provides guidance on quantifying residential wood combustion emission reductions from wood stove changeout programs.
Guidance for Using SEPs to Implement Wood Stove Changeout Programs (2007) (PDF) (24pp, 100k) - Provides guidance to state government officials on how to utilize supplemental environmental projects to implement a wood stove changeout program.
Wood Stove Compliance Monitoring Program - A federal program that promotes compliance with the requirements of the wood heater regulation.
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