Burn Wise

Burn Wise - Outreach Materials

Education about the effects of wood smoke is an important component in reducing particle pollution in any community. Engaging the public and giving them the tools to make the right decisions about what they burn-- and how they burn-- is the first step in a wood smoke plan.

  • With proper burning techniques and well-seasoned wood, emissions can be significantly reduced, even in older appliances
  • More efficient and cleaner-burning appliances can also cause pollution if operated improperly.

Burn Wise Campaign Materials

The following outreach materials are for air quality agencies, chimney sweeps, hearth retailers and others who want to promote the Burn Wise message. The following materials are free, and most are available for bulk shipping.


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For additional Burn Wise information, contact Larry Brockman, at brockman.larry@epa.gov or 919-541-5398.

Contact EPA's Publication Warehouse to order large quantities of the following:
  • "Learn Before You Burn" Tear Sheet Pad (Document #456K09001)
  • Burn Wise Tip Sheet (Document #450R10001)
  • Your Old Wood Stove's Dirty Little Secrets Brochure (Document #450F08001)