Border 2020

Region 6 Workgroups

South Central Regional Workgroups: Texas-New Mexico-Chihuahua & Texas-Coahuila-Nuevo Leon-Tamaulipas

Regional Workgroups are multi-media and geographically-focused and emphasize regional public health and environmental issues in their respective areas. The groups are made up of an assortment of federal, state, local and tribal (when relevant) officials from the U.S. and Mexico, non-government organizations, and the private sector. Each Regional Workgroup has at least one state and one federal co-chair from each country.

The groups meet annually to coordinate activities and support the efforts of local Task Forces. In addition they also:

  • Identify and prioritize regional environmental issues and recommend issues beyond regional scope to be addressed by Policy Fora; and
  • Develop biennial Action Plans to advance the Goals and Objectives of Border 2020.
  • Workgroup Contacts