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The CatReg download package includes the most current version of the CatReg software for Windows.

The download package also includes sample data files and the CatReg User Guide in PDF. You can find these files in the CatReg application folder.

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System Requirements

  • 16 Megabytes of RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later.
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6 or later. If your computer is set up to allow or be notified of downloads of Microsoft software, then it is likely that that version of the .NET framework is already installed. Otherwise, you can download and install the latest version from Microsoft .NET Home. Exit
  • R statistical software version 3.2.2 or later for Windows. Download and install the latest version from The Comprehensive R Archive Network Exit. CatReg relies on the open source package R for Windows to perform all statistical calculations.

Note: There are no plans at this time to create Macintosh or Linux versions of CatReg at this time.

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Uninstalling Older CatReg Versions (Optional)

You do not need to uninstall previous versions of CatReg.

However, if you want to uninstall previous versions of CatReg, it is recommended that you retain the directory structure for the folders holding your previous model runs' input and output data files. Keeping those files and folders in place will maintain the functionality of your previous CatReg sessions.

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Downloading and Installing the Software

  1. Download the CatReg install package (ZIP)(1 pg, 2 MB) .
  2. Locate the file you downloaded. Typical locations for file downloads are the Windows Desktop or the Downloads directory in My Documents.
  3. In Windows Explorer, open the downloaded .zip file. Drag and drop the CATREG folder from the .zip file to the directory of your choice on your computer.
When installing the CatReg application folder, you should:
  • Place the CatReg application folder (and its subfolders) in the simplest, shortest directory possible. For most EPA users, the preferred path would be C:\Users\[EPA user's LAN ID]; for non-EPA users, this could be as simple as C:\.
  • Have administrative rights for the folder.
  • Ensure there are no special characters or spaces in the folder names.
Refer to the CatReg Readme file (TXT)(2 pp, 4 K) in the CatReg application folder for details on known issues or other information that did not make it into the user guide.

If you have problems or concerns, please contact us using our Help Desk Form.

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R-only CatReg Version

You can also download CatReg 2.3, the R-only version of the software released in 2012, along with sample data files and a PDF user guide. You must download and install the latest version of the R statistical softwareExit to run this CatReg version.

None of the statistics in 2.3 have changed in the Windows version of CatReg, except that the Windows version provides automatic hypothesis testing.

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Receive Updates on New Releases

Registration is not required to download the software. However, you can sign up to receive an email to learn about new releases or important information.

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