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Air Sensor Toolbox: Resources and Funding

Air Sensor Citizen ToolboxEPA has provided guidance and other information to make decisions about using air sensors and  conducting a citizen science project to measure air quality.

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Air Sensor Guidebook

The Air Sensor Guidebook is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in monitoring local air quality. Topics covered include background on air pollutants and uses for air sensors, what to look for in a sensor, how to collect useful data using sensors, sensor performance guidance, and maintaining your sensing device.

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Technical Evaluation Reports

These reports provide summaries of performance evaluations of several low-cost air sensors currently available on the market. The sensors were tested at EPA and compared to the gold standard regulatory monitors to determine how well they perform.

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Reports for the Citizen Science Air Monitoring Project in Newark, N.J.

These reports highlight a pilot project that involved EPA scientists collaborating with a community action group in Newark, NJ, to conduct a citizen science air monitoring project.

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Standard Operating Procedures for Air Sensors

EPA scientists created operating guides for several low-cost air sensors listed below that are currently on the market. These guides are meant to assist users with operating, troubleshooting and calibrating the sensors.

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Recent Technical Findings

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Training Videos from Community Air Monitoring Workshop, July 9, 2015

Other Resources:

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Funding Opportunities

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Press Releases and News

Resources from the Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center

These resources provide field-conducted sensor performance evaluations on multiple low-cost sensors currently available on the market. Detailed reports as well as condensed versions are available for viewing.

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Resources from the European Commission Joint Research Centre

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre Publications Repository includes resources on field and laboratory-conducted sensor performance evaluations on multiple low-cost sensors currently available on the market, as well as a protocol on how to evaluate and calibrate low-cost sensors for monitoring air pollution.

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