What EPA is Doing: AgSTAR

What is AgSTAR?

AgSTAR promotes the use of biogas recovery systems to reduce methane emissions from livestock waste. Biogas recovery also helps achieve other social, environmental, agricultural and economic benefits.

AgSTAR assists those who enable, purchase or implement anaerobic digesters by identifying project benefits, risks, options and opportunities. AgSTAR provides information and participates in events to create a supporting environment for anaerobic digester implementation.

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How can AgSTAR help me?

AgSTAR provides information and tools to help you:

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How can I connect with AgSTAR?

  • Join the AgSTAR Partner Program: Open to state and non-governmental stakeholders, the Partner Program supports all phases of anaerobic digester projects: planning, deployment and long-term success.
  • List your company in the AgSTAR Vendor Directory: Biogas-related companies can provide information about their services in the directory, which includes designers, project developers, energy service providers, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and commodity organizations.
  • Contact Us:  Receive timely news about digester projects and programs across the country and information about AgSTAR’s conferences and related workshops.

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How do I provide AgSTAR information about my company or project?

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What else is EPA doing to address climate change?

EPA’s Climate Change web site offers detailed information on why the climate is changing, what EPA is doing about it and how you can help.

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