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Recycled Content (ReCon) Tool

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(Version 5, 10/10)

This tool is designed to assist companies and individuals with evaluating the greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits associated with increasing the recycled content of materials they may purchase or manufacture. ReCon Online was last updated October 2010.

Please follow the steps below to enter the appropriate information and then select the desired “View” button to obtain the estimated GHG or energy benefits of increasing the post-consumer recycled content of materials.

Step 1. Amount of Materials Purchased or Manufactured

1Note: The use of surrogate material types should be considered as an approximation only. Actual GHG emissions and energy consumption related to the manufacture of materials other than those specifically listed in the surrogate material column may differ significantly.

Step 2. Baseline and Alternate Recycled Content

The "default" recycled content values represent an approximation of typical post-consumer recycled content of these materials in the marketplace (provided by Franklin Associates, Ltd.). These values are to be utilized in the absence of actual data and should not be considered to be strictly accurate in all applications. If you do not enter the percent recycled content in the second column above, the tool will assume that you are purchasing materials that are made with the default fraction (or baseline percentage) of recycled inputs.

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